Reiki Energy Healing—Relax, release, recharge and rejuvenate! Reiki is an ancient, gentle, healing modality that is practiced fully clothed,  sitting in a chair or lying down. The practitioner works in person or remotely by allowing the universal life energy known as ki (or chi or prana ) to flow through her hands directed to the client , helping to restore the body’s natural energetic balance and ability to heal itself.



 "I have been feeling great since the Reiki, thank you! It was a truly blissful felt like I took four naps that day!"  ~  Jessica Blassingame

"She is the most gentle, giving, compassionate Reiki practitioner I have worked with. She listens to your body and takes the time to really help you heal and nurture your spirit. She uses the many modalities she knows to give to you what your personal needs are at the time. Each time I work with her I go deeper into levels of healing. I find her very gifted and am grateful for her time, knowledge and energy. " ~ Tanya Sage


Currently sessions are held remotely via Zoom or FaceTime 

$100– 60 minutes

$140– 90 minutes

$180– 2 hours

$20  travel fee added to travel to business or residence.


Phone: 858-245-8983