Personal Training

Slow Motion Personal Training— A better workout  with lower weights, less reps and less time?  Sounds great, right?

Slow Motion Personal Training  (Slo Mo) is a highly effective and safer form of resistance training that utilizes lower resistance while slowing the movement down 10 seconds in each direction and completing only one set of 8 reps for each exercise. This form of weight training is much more effective than traditional weight training because rather than using momentum, you are slowing the movement down and loading the muscle fibers for a longer period of time, thereby stimulating faster muscle growth, and in a very safe and mindful manner. This leads to better gains with much less likelihood of injuring yourself and you only need 2 workouts a week to achieve great results!


Christiana customizes your Slo Mo workout to your specific needs and goals. Using a combination of guided bodyweight exercises, while weaving in cardio, static holds and balance challenges using stability balls, exercise bands, kettlebells, hand weights and weighted balls– to keep it interesting, no two sessions are alike as Christiana believes that personal training should be fun– like adult playtime with a purpose!

Client Testimonials:

"Christiana is the best. She has a special gift in motivating and challenging you to keep improving. And she always makes sure you work out safely in terms of physical limitations you might have. Having trained with Christiana for more than 3 years I am the strongest I’ve been in many years." ~ Laura Borschel

Currenlty all sessions  are held remotely via  Zoom or FaceTime 

$100– 60 minutes

$140– 90 minutes

$180– 2 hours

$20  travel fee added to travel to business or residence.

Contact: Christiana Donovan

Phone: 858-245-8983