Guided Meditation and Instruction—Explore different methods of meditation including  Guided,  Breath Awareness, Mantra, Yoga Nidra to increase relaxation, relieve tension, deepen your focus and connect with that inner river of Peace that is always present behind all activity. Through exploration and practice, you will find the meditation style that resonates with you.

Client Testimonials:

"When I got to the hospital, my BP was 170/87.
After the prep. was done, I had 45 mins. before surgery, so I tried meditating. The Dr. had to call my name a few times to get me from the place I was in meditation. looked at the monitor and my BP had dropped to 130/70. Thank you for showing me the way to a new practice that definitely has physical benefits!" ~
Trish Ludwick

Currently all sessions are held remotely via Zoom or Facetime 

5 week Online Guided Meditation Series $250

Plus weekly guided group meditaions ~ Gratis

Contact: Christiana Donovan

Phone: 858-245-8983