Meet Christiana Donovan

Body Wisdom Mentor

“There is a peace and power within you, greater than you have ever imagined, and it is available to you in every moment.”

Christiana Donovan has over 19 years of experience as a mind/body teacher and practitioner. She holds professional certifications in Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Reiki, Massage and Personal Training and has led numerous inspirational workshops on yoga, meditation and mindful fitness throughout San Diego County and to a global audience, online.  Christiana is appreciated for her deeply caring and creative approach with her clients and for the time and interest she takes in preparing for and tailoring each session to her client's individual needs and desired outcomes.



Why Mindful Body Wisdom?

I can help with


Thinking to yourself , "I wish I had more energy" ? I will be your guide to reclaim your energy in simple, easy, daily steps.


Is your aging body not what it used to be? Flexibility is my specialty and together we will get your body mobile again.


Would you like to feel strong in your body again or increase your strength from within? We will get your core strength at its optimal levels safely.


Through balance strengthening exercises you will learn to find balance in your personal life. 

Inner Peace

Do you wake up feeling stressed before your day even starts or have a hard time falling asleep?  Inner peace is the doorway and Mindful Body Wisdom is the key.


You will find more vitality in your body, mind and soul through the Mindful Body Wisdom practices.



”Having trained with Christiana for more than 3 years, I am the strongest I have been in many years.”

~Laura Borschel