Current  Online Class Schedule:

Yoga Via Zoom


Sundays 10 am – 11 am

Experience a  gentle and restorative practice from the comfort of your own home. All ability levels are welcome as modifications are offered for all poses.

Client Testimonials:

"I have been practicing yoga with Christiana for almost 10 years!  Her way of describing the movements is almost poetic which makes me want to move my body smoothly,  and she routinely provides alternative movements to assure that each of us is accommodating whatever physical issues we may be dealing with  that day (difficult back, shoulder, wrists, etc.).   I always feel peaceful when it is over - that my entire body has been pleasantly stretched, and that I am more nimble as a result." ~Chris Richards

As this is a community building event, the suggested contribution is $10–$15, yet all are welcome, regardless of the donation amount.

Contributions can by made via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or Check.

Private Sessions available by appointment.

Small Group Personal Training via Zoom

Thursdays 9:30 am–10:30 am

Join a small group, personal training program from the comfort of your own home, designed to increase your bone density and muscle strength and improve balance and stamina.

To keep it fun and challenging–no two sessions will be alike and will incorporate  bodyweight circuits, stability balls kettlebells, hand weights, resistance bands  and more! Think of this as adult playtime with a purpose!

All ability and fitness levels welcome as modifications will be offered for all exercises and the session will include exercises to meet your individual goals.

Client Testimonials:

"I have been doing personal training with her once a week for about 3 years.  Christiana always seems happy and upbeat which helps all of us feel happy.  We each select our own weights or bands or other equipment, and can work at our own level - with her guiding instruction and encouragement to gently push our limits.  She regularly provides alternatives to assure individual safety.  And she continually provides new exercises to keep things interesting."  

~ Chris Richards

Purchase 3 sessions for $99

Private Session available by appointment.

HIIT Fitness Walking Class 

Fridays 9am-10am

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, but don't let that scare you because your walking pace will be relative to your fitness level and is equally effective for beginner, intermediate and advanced walkers. 

HIIT walking involves periods of higher intensity walking followed by a recovery period walking state.  The more you vary the intervals, the more the body has to adapt and is less likely to reach an exercise plateau, which is common with steady state walking. This translates into better results in less time including increased speed, stamina and endurance not to mention improved cardiovascular health, revving your metabolism for hours after your workout and increased athletic performance.

This program is 100% beginner friendly yet works equally well for experienced walkers.  Whether you are wanting to ease back into an exercise routine, or you've been steady state walking for a while and want to up level your workout , with HIIT walking you will learn an effective way to shave minutes off your miles and your workout time as well as tone up and burn extra calories.


The other benefit is that HIIT walking is much gentler on your joints and body than other forms of cardio yet is equally, if not more effective! 


Suggested Love Donation of $10--$15; see below for details* First time attendees join for free!

Here is how it will work:

You will join zoom via your mobile phone via the one touch link I provide (or you can dial in if needed)

1.     You can wear a earphones, an ear piece or just put me on speaker phone 

2.     I will guide you through some gentle stretches 

3.     You will put your phone on mute so you can hear me giving instructions and         calling out the interval pace--you won't have to keep track of time!

4.     You will choose a comfortable route around your neighborhood to begin

5.     If anyone has a question they can unmute themselves and ask

6.     We will get started and have a fun virtual walk together for 20--30 min

7.     I will call out the turnaround point, yet you are welcome to turn back sooner

8.     At the end we will unmute ourselves--talk, laugh and stretch!


*A suggested love donation of $10--$15 in support of my teaching is greatly appreciated, yet not required if it poses a challenge at this time.

Options to contribute love donation:

·  Paypal  ( look for my picture--make sure it's me and please select "Friends and Family" when paying)

·  Venmo  Christiana Donovan@Christiana-Donovan (look for my picture--make sure it's me :)

·  Zelle :  via your online banking- sent to 858-245-8983

·  Check: Christiana Donovan,10780 Aderman Ave #98, San Diego, CA 92126

Client Testimonials:

"HIIT WALKING with Christiana through this “Zoom “ class protocol has been easy to set up and more effective and fun than I first thought it would be. After doing this for two months my legs are stronger and my breathing is a better, which was my goal.  And we are Outside!" ~ A. Porter

Contact: Christiana Donovan

Phone: 858-245-8983